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Saturday, August 04, 2007

HELLO PPLE!! I've gotten a new blog @

Please update your links!!!

THANKS!! From now on I should be blogging there... dun bother checking here anymore!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Now at this lab a few labs away from my lab, they use a lot of LB broth. I used to love the smell of LB broth... cos it reminds me of chicken essence.. and i totally dig chicken essence. They are the onli and sole reason why i look forward to exam periods. But this lab... it effectively turned me off LB broth.. and chicken essence. The LB broth smell coming from that lab is so strong and so terribly nauseating... every time before lunch I gotta pass by that lab before i can go out the door to go lunch. It just turns me off lunch!!! Sighhh...

Some other updates about work... i got to use some programme called mutation surveyor today! We look for mutations! I was so excited i might be finding novel mutations.. cos all the way from getting the samples to sequencing i had my hands on this project.. but a bit disappointing cos I didnt find any in the region of interest. Next we are gonna look thru the entire gene and not just the region of interest. Hope results will be better! YAY!

Anw.. the lastest gossip at work recently focussed on this Astar scholar with bright pink hair. HAHA and a nose ring.. working in a lab on my level. Should be imcb. She's 2 yrs my jnr.... going to start her uni life soon. My colleagues never saw an Astar scholar like her before and all were quite surprised. Anyway we concluded that she must have dyed her hair and gotten her nose ring after the Astar interview cos we seriously doubted that the interviewers would have accepted someone with bright pink hair and a nose ring.

Reminds me of the time just after my As.. wanted so much to get bright pink hair. But chickened out the last minute HAHAHAHA shit lor should be like Pan.. so brave with her hair color right! But now mellowed already. Anywayz... as I was telling my colleague.. when I was once young and gullible, i might have gotten that kinda hair style.. but now? Yea.. I'm thinking of coloring my hair purple before I go Vancouver.. but not the bright bright purple.. More like dark purple. Close to blackish. Sick of brown.

These few days gonna be very busy. Just came back from food testing for my bday catering. The food is gonna be catered by Siam Kitchen!! GOOD RIGHT! I'm so nice to my frens.. all better come arh!! If not u all die! Anw.. the food is really not bad. I must say. There are some dishes specially for house parties... ONLY for house parties. Not available even at their restaurants. SO MUZ COME K! Only chance to try those dishes. And desserts. The desserts are really out of this world.. i juz tried them. Trust me.

Anw think i'm gonna rebond my hair next sat. Yes my bday. But i really din wan to... would have prefered another day. But cos this is a special rate. My aunt's hairstylist just got this new product for free. It's really natural and smooth.. she tried it on the supplier of the product already. So ya.. she's willing to do it for us at a really discounted rate. Charging us onli for the service and not the product! COOL! But only available timing is next sat. I'm so worried i would look like Cleopatra.. my aunt told me this bright idea. She asked me to theme my party.. Egyptian Night! So everyone must look like Cleopatra arh!!! If not cannot enter!!! HEE HEE!!

Just checked out Edventure.. next sem's stuff are out! Shit lor.. tho next sem is a really heavy sem, but it looks damn interesting and fun can! Especially cancer bio... cos I cant match it with any mods in UBC. Sadness.. my fav topic. And they are gonna be lectured by DAVID LANE!!! OMG OMG OMG!! My boss!!! Nobel prize winner!! ARGHH!! p53!! And the labs even better.. they get to play with cancer cell lines!!! SHIT LOR I WANNA DO THAT TOO!! ARGHHH and neurobio oso they get interesting labs from wat i've read!!! ARGHHH and research seminars look interesting too.. not just interesting but oso necessary for the scientific research.. they are skills you will need lor!! To write papers. ARGHH!!! Sian 1/2!

Good thing is i'm doing a cancer related attachment now. My mentor does some cancer cell line work too. But those cell lines are extremely sensitive.. so i dun get to touch. But i get to learn. Hopefully one day he will trust my skills enuf to let me touch!! YAY!! Today I just saw them splitting cells... tmr they are gonna carry out an expt on the cells... sounds damn fun can!!! OMG!! I cant wait!!

Anw these few days gonna be damn bz.. y leh? Tmr night staying over at Ja's!! Then tmr oso meeting Andrea, Reuben, Jess, and maybe Ash for lunch! Hope i can meet them.. cos doing cell work might be late for lunch.. haiz. But cell work is damn interesting.. dowan to miss it too.. dilemma! Then Sat... not sure yet.. but def will have plans. Sunday... tuition in the morning.. MEWUK gathering after that!!! YAY!!!!!!!

K k.. this blog is gonna die soon. I'm opening a new one soon. SOON! After i get ard to designing the skin ok!! For my vancouver trip!! YAY!!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Wanted to post FOC pics today finally.. but hor.. sian 1/2... blogger photos failed to work after i uploaded 2 pics. So ya... totally lazy already. Anw... some updates.. finally this week, if nothing goes wrong, i'm gonna end all my tuitions!!! OK.. not like i'm already gonna get my well deserved break.... cos i still gotta work... but at least its a load off my shoulders. I get my nights off!! And i get to sleep late on Sundays!!! YAY!

Anw... this is the thank you card my P3 chinese tutee gave me... so cute right!! So sweet right!! Almost made up for all the times he's been naughty and misbehaved and made me pull out all my hair and want to spank him on his bottom. The key word here is ALMOST. Cos even on the last lesson today.. he misbehaved!!! ARGHHH!!!!

This kid is really quite problematic.. but his dad and family is really nice.. and they are really nice to me.. and his dad really wanted me back to help him next yr January... so yea.. they juz found a replacement for a few months. SIGH.. but I am really tired of teaching him.... but.... haiz.. nvm... bobian...

Anyway.. no more tuition means more time to spend with family! YAY! I hardly get to see my grandma these days... last time i used to see her almost every day.. then it became every week.. now every week is a chore.. i gotta squeeze time outta my super tight schedule. Feel so bad.. especially since I will be gone for such a long time. At least my parents can still webcam with me..

Ya anw... updates about work!! Shit lor.. this blog is getting boring can!! Always work work work.. tuition tuition tuition.. wat happened to the ultra happening and exciting life KS used to lead!!! ARGHHH!!! Ya as I was saying.. updates about work..

The other day, I almost forgot to add Ethidium Bromide to my agar before i cast the gel... then I was telling my colleague thank god i remembered in time.. if not do everything swee swee no bands come out. Then my colleague replied, "Oh its ok wan! Once, another colleague forgot to put oso... then after that the gel came out, she went to take a picture.. bands still appeared! That shows how contaminated our gel tanks are with EB!"


Now... is that wat they call an occupational hazard?

Anyway... i am really really really disgusted by how my days always go. I would be sitting in front of the com.. msn-ing.. slacking away.. gleefully counting down to the time when i can go home.. not believing my luck that i have so much time to slack away while waiting to knock off.. then like 15 minutes before I can leave, my mentor will gimme something else to do!!! ARGHHH!!!! Biang eh!! Then I always end up going home late can!? NO FAIR LOR!!!! ALWAYS LIDDAT!! Gimme false hopes!!! But anyway.. think from tmr onwards will be pretty busy.. loads of PCRs to run. Anyway.. the PCR running times will be slacking times as usual la.. but the preparation for PCR will take quite some time lor.. sian.

Today was terrible.. dunno y early morning got this persistent tummy ache that wont go away. Its not the lao sai kinda tummy ache.. maybe got something wrong inside... ARGHH anyway.. i really felt like taking MC lor.. but cant la.. i already took 4 days off for FOC. Sian.. plus a severe attack of the Monday blues... HAIZ.. i feel like Garfield..

Some random thoughts... yesterday I finally felt the difference between an Automatic car and Manual car as I was driving my bro back to camp. That particular stretch of road had loads of traffic lights and yesterday I was damn suay la... kept meeting with red lights.. and that stretch of road had tons of red light cameras.. so I din dare to beat the red light oso. Sian 1/2...

So a lot of times, after cruising for a while at 70kph.. will have to hit the brakes. Then after that start again. Ya my point is.. for manual, after stopping, u go gear 1 right? Then after that, u wanna speed up, u can switch at ur own comfort from gears 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. Depending on your skill la.. usually shouldnt take too much time to go up to gear 4. But for auto cars right... the shifting of gear will be automatically controlled by the car (hence the name automatic car). So in other words, u cannot control when the car is gonna go to gear 2 or gear 3 or gear 4. So thats y its slower!!! At least for my dad's car, takes quite a bit of time to accelerate till gear 4... so u can imagine my frustration when a while after i reach that speed i come to the next red light!! ARGHH!!!

k before i end off for today, give u pple a treasure ok? This afternoon, was in the lab. My colleagues were playing the Chinese radio. Afternoon they have this segment playing oldies. SHIT LOR i'm getting old can!! Most of the 'oldies' they play are my favourite songs in my sec school days can... CAN!? Those are SOOO not oldies can!? BIANG EH!!! But anyway... today i heard this song.. far far older than those songs.. haha think its my parents' era.. but i really quite like it!! Think its sung by Vivian Chow... but i cant find the mandarin version. Make do with the Canto version from Youtube k? Canto not by Vivian Chow.. by Shirley Kwan.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


I'm having a birthday party on the 12th of August (cos on the actual day of my birthday on 12th Sept I will already be in Vancouver) and I will be celebrating my birthday and it will oso serve as a mini send off for me!

Ok i dunno who i've invited who I havent.. i've lost track. Anw.. those invited right.. HAHA here are the details.. it will be held at my place. Yea i noe like, 90% of my Uni friends have never seen my home neither do they know where it is.. NOW I TELL U WHERE!! EXCITED NOT!! FINALLY THE SECRET IS OUT!! HAHA

K the address is 2 River Valley Close. Its this condo called The Regalia. It's at the intersection of Killiney Road and River Valley Road. Closest MRT is Somerset. If u all agree to meet at a particular timing maybe I can fetch u all from there YAY! YAYYAY! Or if the grp is small i can drive over to fetch u pple! HAHA! Small meaning 6 or less. Should start ard 5.30 to 6pm.

I need all who are coming to let me know ok? So I can arrange.

As for presents.. I duno leh.. I cant really decide.

I wanted an electric guitar! But then I think I will leave it aside to rot.. unless i can find time to practise. I wanted a keyboard too.. that one think will practise.. but practise for own listening onli. I think it is the Superband effect!! I wanted yoga and pilates lessons.. maybe those vouchers for those lessons.. HAHA but I wont be in Sg till dec so maybe no time to go for those lessons too.. HOW HOW HOW!!!

Ok after much thot, I came up with yet more suggestions... I wan a Prada wallet, an LV bag, Ferragamo heels.... erm.. yea.. about there. HAHA

Discuss within yourself wat u guys wanna buy ok!! Then let me know after that! HAHAHA

Friday, July 28, 2006

My 2nd blog entry!!! Today i'm in the blogging mood! HAHHAHA no la.. juz wanted to clear out all the photos in my phone. Hee hee..




"上衣脱掉脱掉。。上衣脱掉!" HAHA

Moving on.. these were from yesterday's steamboat and BBQ dinner at Zheng Fa with the Mewuk gang!!!! GAWD!!! It was SO FUN!!! HAHA its the people who make a gathering special..

大姐大 Andrea and I!!

My fav freshie (sry favouritism here) Reuben and I!! HAHA

My classmate Xiao Yun and I!! Weird how we almost never talk to each other in class cos we were so distant HAHA but now we're not!

Anw I plucked out my wisdom tooth juz now!!! Not me la.. the dentist... but yea.. OUCH!!!! I fainted AGAIN!!! DAMNIT! Seems like everytime I pull out my wisdom tooth i will faint!!! HOW COME!!!! At first I thot i was damn brave... everything done already I still asked for my tooth as a souvenir.. UNTIL i went out to the receptionist.. then suddenly the world started to blur... ARGHHH OMG!!! IRRITATING!!! I thought i was brave lor!!! ARGHHHH my lips turned really pale.. my mum thot it was so farnie after her anxiety wore off.. she made me take a picture of myself... HAIZ... my lips pale meh!!!

Anw... this is my trophy!!!!

OUCH!!! I'm WISDOMLESS! Twice over!!!

At work

Ohh i am at work now!! SLACKING as usual... today nothing to do.. cos everyone else in the office is busy working on some stuff that i dun understand as yet.. havent learnt about.

Anw since i'm in the office, might as well lemme tell u a bit more abt my work and my job.

I've worked in many places, doing many diff kinds of jobs. Sure i've had jobs that offer me much higher pays than this.. but i've never been happier working anywhere else.

This is the kinda job for me.. it is the kinda job of my dreams. I'm born to be a scientist.

U wanna keep me in a white collared 9-5 office, u need a rope to tie me down. U want me to stand up all day doing sales or sitting in a bank talking to people.. i'd rather you shoot me dead. I earn more.. but what's the point?

I may nag a bit and complain a bit about having to do so much PCR and run so many gels and risk dying of Ethidium Bromide poisoning but then deep down i know.. i cant get another job i will enjoy more than this. It is not just about the pay. It is what we are doing that makes it so special and meaningful. We are trying to better the lives of Mankind! Ok i know this sounds really idealistic.. but it's this thought that kept me going all the way, kept me firmly rooted to this job and this dream... that is the thing about this job that makes it so special.

And sometimes.. when u are bordering on discovering something really interesting and fantastic that no one has ever discovered before.. that kinda exhilaration is nothing you've ever felt before. Its indescribable.

So.. i'm trying to make the most out of my life at the moment! Every moment is filled up with interesting things.. since holidays started i've never had a quiet moment. I've tried so many different things in these 3 months! First I took intersem. Well that can hardly be counted as interesting yes I know... but well.. let's pretend Astro is interesting la. Meanwhile, I also tried sales, promoting products @ the PC fair... and I also had a stint at this logistics company, working as a data entry personnel.. and then i applied for an attachment... at Biopolis... and got it!

There were other interesting stuff as well.. like going to KL!!! And the climax must have been that not too long ago.. FOC!!!! All the new and interesting people I got to know.. people who've been studying alongside with me for 2 years but I never took the time to get to know well... and now really regret not doing that.

Another exciting event awaits.. my exchange!!!! GAWD!!! i cant wait!!! If only every single day of my life could be like this.. filled with excitement and entertainment... OHH i cant wait for vancouver!!!!

And i'm planning on going NYC while on my exchange!!! Emily's gonna bring me around!!! YAY YAY YAYYYYY!!!!

And i'm also planning to go Mongolia or Tibet to backpack some day soon!!!! Finally found someone with the same interest who's willing to go with me!!! YAY YAYYYYYY oh man i cant wait... the greens... the grass... the beautiful people with rosy cheeks... the sands.. the desert... its gotta be soon cos i'm graduating soon and I predict i will have to enter the workforce almost immediately cos its either that or i wont be able to get a job. And the next long holiday I have I will have to start on my FYP. And to backpack, u need a pretty long amt of time. At least 2 weeks... to be able to see and truly appreciate the culture and way of living of the people over there.

Why backpack!? Why not go on a guided tour? Safer! Nicer! More comfortable! But wat u see is totally different. It is a total different experience if you backpack. You live like the people over there, you see more learn more. You dont juz see what they package nicely for tourists... u see the real life!!! COOL RIGHT!

K siao liao i gtg... this is company time HAHA I juz spent an hr plus blogging.. and getting paid!!! HAHAHAHA

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Back from a yrmates bonding session last sunday! Went to Elly's place and celebrated bdays for Elly Cat and Nydia! Had loads of fun catching up. But hor I very upset lor Weeweecat. First thing u said after not seeing me for so long is that my Birkies are UGLY?! WEEWEECAT!!!

Anyway rite haha as usual when a grp of girls get together, the subject never leaves boys. HAHA last time it used to be crushes now it's bfs dunno when it will become husbands?! OMGOMG we are all getting to be soo old!!!! AWWWW!!!!

Updates abt work.. finally I gotta meet Axel the GREAT!!! OMG! I shook his hand!!! Cant believe it.. for such a great scientist, he's really amicable and easy to talk to. Though he's really busy, he still takes time out to chat and get to know us.. haiz.. and he even goes back to the lab to work on Sundays. 伟大.

Today my mentor told us some stuff abt PhD studies in the states. HAHA need to take something like a PhD version of SATS. Hmm pretty cool. HAHA maybe will go take next time! Applicable in the States only.. Hehe

Paiseh long time no blog HAHA sry ah.. still waiting for the pics. I have some ready.. but still waiting for the rest. Anw rite, every night now, pple are having msn mass chats lor.. this is friggin unhealthy la... i wake up so early work so hard in the day, after that got tuition at night, then wanna sleep liao get pulled into mass chats.. HAHAHA but seriously.. miss them!!! OMG i miss FOC!!! Tmr there's a mambo night outing.. still contemplating. Feel like going.. but gotta work the next day.. should i!?!?? Siao liao.. but anw thursday there's an OG outing!! YAY!! Can meet them again!!! HAHA I CANT WAIT!!! K gtg.. my msn's flashing again. BB!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006


OMG FOC WAS FUN FUN FUN! More so than I expected. Cant believe it. HAHA Mewuk was COOL! Everybody was SO FUN! People I knew from other OGs were fun too! Hee hee

K la friggin tired now. Camp was supposed to end today but cos I promised my mentor to be back in the lab by Friday to help him wrap things up, I left directly from school to Biopolis this morning after going to bed at 3am and waking up at 6.45am. Madness..... kept dozing off in lab today. Jialat jialat.

Anyway rite, will update more about the camp after I get the pictures of the camp from my frens! Waiting for pple to send me the pictures now! QUICK!!! Gonna kajiao pple to quick upload the pics already... QUICK QUICK QUICK!!!!